At present, the courses we offer course in piano, violin, guitar and music theory. The procedure for registering onto a course is, first to attend a free introduction, complete the necessary paper work and then pay for the course.

Course Information


We offer 3 music semesters a year:

  • 1st semester: Aug/Sept, October, November, December.
  • 2nd semester: January, February, March, April, May, June.
  • 3rd semester: July, August - Holidays & Summer Courses.

All children's courses include 2 optional concerts.

Click to download the Semester Plan.

Children's Music Course Plan

We offer full semester and 1/2 semester courses, plus a Summer course.

  • 18-Lesson Full Semester Courses.
  • 9-Lesson Half Semester Courses. (e.g. Summer Courses).

Adult's Music Course Plan