April Yacoub (cross-cultural consultant) - American

"I am impressed with the way John has been teaching my twin 5-year old daughters. He truly has a talent for captivating their attention and making learning fun, which is not easy when working with young children. It is obvious that they have learned a lot both in practice and in theory. I am pleased that John is their teacher and I would highly recommend him as a piano instructor to anyone wanting to take lessons."

Frieda Nielsen (housewife) - Indonesian

... " I am very fond of piano music. For years I have been taking lessons off and on both in Indonesia and Denmark. I have had many teachers, some very good, some very difficult to follow. I almost gave up until I saw John's advertisement in the Copenhagen Post. I thought I'd give it a try and I finally found the right teacher. Not only is he very patient, he is methodical and I have learned a lot. Being one of his most senior students he teaches me according to my pace and ability. Just what I need.

Now 3 of our 8 grandchildren are being taught by John and they are very pleased and always look forward to their next lesson. Thank you John, you are greatly appreciated. "

Jozef Habdank (software programmer) - Polish

" I started my piano lessons as an adult, having absolutely no musical background. It seemed impossible to learn it but thanks to really calm and patient teachings received from from my teacher I am learning and playing piano until today - years after [I have taken] the courses. John was a great inspiration for me and I will be always grateful for that."

 Jing Chen - Chinese

"We are pleased to have opportunity to express our tks and joy. You are so kind and patient to teach our two girls who knew nothing about piano before 17 March 2007. Now they can take part in your concert with confidence. We think our two girls are luck to take your lesson. 
We wish your music garden would be more and more prosperious. 
With kind regards."

Ingeborg Philipsen - Danish

"Our 13-year-old son has been John Lambert Harman’s piano student for a couple of years now and the piano lessons are still a weekly highlight. John is a very competent teacher; he is patient and inspiring and has a great sense of humour which makes his teaching very enjoyable. Music has become an important part of our son’s life and we feel very fortunate to have John as our son’s piano teacher."

Malene Raun (sales & marketing) - Danish

"I hadn't play the piano since my childhood, but decided to take it up again. 
It always takes an immense effort to learn an instrument, but the lessons and methods gave me simple tools that helped the progress come easy. I enjoyed your classes, your patience, your knowledge and love for the piano."

Kim Dupont - English

"My son Thomas has had piano lessons from John for one and a half years. I didn't really expect any results as due to hyperactivity (damp) and autism, (asperges syndrome) Thomas has a very short attention span, and just to throw an extra spanner in the works Thomas is left handed.

I thought any moment Thomas would ... say it was to much for him and too hard. Thomas also has a disability with forming conversations, so I was astounded when I heard him engaging in normal talk.

Since then it was all up hill, Thomas became more confident, he started playing piano at school and took part in a band. John took Thomas through the boundaries of his illnesses, and gave him skills he can use for the rest of his life. I am very grateful to John for opening up a new and positive world for my son. John is a highly respectable man, but also full of fun, and never ending patience. My son is living proof."